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International Standards and Quality Level of Service

Tutaré Risk Management is a fully licensed and registered company providing risk management and commercial security across the developing world. We deliver international standards providing a quality level of service across our client portfolio. Tutaré has grown rapidly in size and have a proven track record and success in Juba South Sudan and extending into Libya, Niger and the African market. Our focus has remained on providing effective and robust security services to humanitarian organisations, embassies, financial institutions among other client sectors.


Tutaré Name

Tutaré derives from the Latin adverb tuto, which definition is without risk/danger, safeguard, securely and guard against.

Unusquisqueadsuumtenendum locum vocatur in hacpacificacontentione, pacificisarmisfacienda, utprogressio in pace obtineatur, utipsanatura et mundus circumiacens in tuto collocentur. (Every individual is called upon to play his or her part in this peaceful campaign, a campaign to be conducted by peaceful means, in order to secure development in peace, in order to safeguard nature itself and the world about us).

Tutaré strive to Safeguard our clients without risk/danger and promote development in areas where we operate.

Our Core Services


Every service Tutaré provides is tailored to address the specific risks facing our clients. Our staff are standing next to you when decisions are made. When combined with our cost-effective pricing and quality of delivery, Tutaré represents a truly unique capability unmatched by any other.


Tutaré Risk Management regards training as a critical aspect of safe and successful operations in high-risk environments. Ensuring our own staff and our clients’ personnel are effectively trained. This is a central element of both our capability and our duty of care.

Information Services

Our guiding principle is that of information-led security. Using local knowledge and in-country relationships, we provide pro-active and threat-based security support for our clients. We protect, facilitate, and advise our clients constantly, adding value by monitoring threats daily and adapting security configurations accordingly.

Business Compliance

Our compliance sector brings together a unique set of skills, qualifications and experience to enhance resilience in client businesses, manage security risks utilising an advanced and effective approach, and assist companies to gain industry recognition and competitive advantage.

Tutaré Risk Management provide robust and effective security solutions in diverse, complex and potentially hostile environments. In providing our turnkey security solutions we afford our clients peace of mind which allows them to focus on their core business.

The only place where you’ll get robust and effective security solutions.

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Client Sectors We Serve



The complexity of the international threat landscape in today’s world poses a boundless risk for governments operating in high-risk, remote areas or emerging markets. We are a trusted and proven company for over 10 countries operating in Africa that delivers protective services to safeguard government missions’ either diplomatic, military or aid oriented. Our customized security solutions are designed allowing our customers the ability to remain focused on their primary business within a secure environment.
non-government organizations


NGO’s have been the pillaer of support for Tutaré Management Group since we were founded. We understand the nature and sensitivities of the work involved in sometimes extremely challenging environments. We work extensively to enable and support programs offering a highly cost-effective solution to all security, training and logistic operations. Our training packages are always well received offering in country knowledge and experience.
inter-government organizations


Tutaré can offer our IGO customers a wide range of services, methodologies and approaches. We promote a culture of awareness, risk assessments, early warning and real-time alerting, community stakeholder liaison, contingency planning and crisis management preparedness that allows your staff to coordinate efficiently in country with the knowledge that they are securely supported close by. With our rigorous compliance models, we are ready to meet all regulatory standards.
critical national infrastructure


Africa is developing fast and Tutaré operational and protective security solutions offer businesses a flexible partner with country advice and reach to ensure the safe and effective operation of personnel and assets in frontier and developing markets. We provide threat advisory, security risk management and on-the-ground protective services to ensure continuity of operations in adverse climates. Our expertise in Telecoms and Roads projects offer a multitude of solutions aimed at protecting your equipment and materials.
oil and gas


We fully understand the complexities of modern oil field operations and the importance of maintaining flexibility. Tutaré security management solutions are designed to optimize operational readiness and promote productive working conditions and overall quality of life for oil and gas personnel in a cost-effective manner. Our experienced professionals work to understand and incorporate project requirements and desired outcomes in a bespoke solution that ensures seamless operations and addresses threats to oil & gas facilities.


Our professional security management consultants and guards provide companies who are concerned about their large construction projects which may be in a high-risk, threat-based environment. We develop customized and efficient security solutions with the right balance of on-site security officers, mobile guarding services and technological security solutions. We can provide threat analysis, construction security training, operational planning, construction emergency response planning, project vulnerability assessments, and technical security services.

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