Tutaré Risk Management regards training as a critical aspect of safe and successful operations in high-risk environments.

Ensuring our own staff and our clients’ personnel are effectively trained. This is a central element of both our capability and our duty of care. Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training(HEAT) instruction is founded on relevant and current experience reflecting the development of our own instructional techniques which are tried and tested in hostile environments, the depth of our risk analysis capabilities as well as the fluid and often culturally sensitive nature of challenges facing our staff and clients working in volatile locales. The training package is designed be interactive, enjoyable and we actively encourage client participation and questions throughout, the instructor will draw on his own experiences as well as course members.

Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training is crucial for anyone working in risk-associated, insecure or hostile environments like South Sudan. Accordingly, the training aims at providing a comprehensive coverage of the relevant and is designed to equip participants with tools and skills how to avoid risks wherever possible, to cope with stressful situations, and to prepare them for day-to-day security threats as well as for worst-case scenarios. Realistic simulations of real-life situations complement essential classroom teaching.
What we offer

Our Training Capabilities

HEAT Training

The overall objective of the three-day HEAT course is to increase the participants’ awareness of safety and security issues in South Sudan and to provide participants with the skills and tools necessary to deal with and reduce different types of risks and threats – known and unknown. By the end of the course the participants will be trained to deploy to South Sudan or otherwise hazardous environments; to recognize and avoid potential threats; and how to respond appropriately to different types of safety and security incidents.
The high-risk environment training courses we offer include:

Driver Training

Our driver training is delivered from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) approach, which is the UK recognised standard for trained drivers. Our driving instructor has a wealth of experience in driving and maintenance, he has taught the RoSPA package to a multitude of students from beginners to advanced drivers, including security drivers, foreign military and overseas drivers with great success. Students will learn not only the mechanics of the 4×4 driver training and mechanical operation, but traction demands, shift points and proper gear selection. Practical exercises include proper off-road braking, acceleration, obstacle avoidance, emergency reactions and recovery techniques, including improvised techniques. The culmination of training is an unknown terrain driving exercise that combines all elements of training.
On completion of the training Tutaré Risk Management will submit a full course report. Once the Tutaré instructor has completed the training, we can advise on:

First Aid At Work

Our Emergency First Aid at Work will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with a first aid emergency in the workplace be it in the office or in the field. The course is designed to take all students back to basics but can be adapted to suit any audience, for example, clerical or field staff. We also include elements of severe trauma and how to improvise when you do not have a medical kit at hand. The First Aid at Work course is run over three days and includes both theory and practical sessions. By arrangement the course can be run on non-consecutive days, for example – one day a week over three weeks.

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