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Tutaré Risk Management is a fully licensed and registered company providing risk management and commercial security in Africa.

We deliver international standards providing a quality level of service across our client portfolio. Tutaré has grown rapidly in size and have a proven track record and success in Juba South Sudan and extending into Niger and the African market. Our focus has remained on providing effective and robust security services to humanitarian organisations, embassies, financial institutions among other client sectors.
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Our People

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We recognise that our people are our most valuable asset from frontline staff to administrative and logistical support staff, all are held in the highest regard. Tutaré Risk Management prides itself on being an equal opportunities employer. We believe that our robust, diverse and proven employment structure enables us to deliver our product to the highest standard through our people. Our continued investment in our professional development structure allows each employee progression and performance-based promotion within the company. Tutaré’s management structure is diverse in nature but equal in style and delivery. Our local managers are not only responsible for the daily oversight and management of our projects but are fully engaged with capacity building, project planning and crisis and incident response.

Our Ethos

our ethos

Our client-centric focus permits us to concentrate on supporting the client in the achievement of their aims and goals. Our results orientated approach is instilled in all of our employees who share our professionalism and dedication to succeed.

Our ongoing commitment to our staff, our technological, our infrastructure development and our continued pursuit of innovative solutions ensures we remain market leaders.


Our strategy is based on having a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and the environment in which they choose to conduct their business. Tutaré Risk Management recognises that security is not a science, but an art and by identifying this we know that one solution does not manage or mitigate all threats in all environments or situations. Through our extensive knowledge and understanding we are confident we can meet and where possible exceed our client’s expectations


To ensure the continuous success and growth of the company we employ industry recognised standards, practises and protocols. We also provide accredited training and professional development for all of our staff. In doing so we ensure not only we provide a safe and secure working environment for our clients, but we provide a professional structure for our own people.

Our localised success is not only to recognise the immediate environment and the threats that it may present, but to engage with the local community at all levels and establish strong localised partnering agreements. Through this process we not only enhance the local community and the economic situation, but we engage the local community through continuous dialogue and community interaction.


Our services are delivered in a timely, efficient and effective manner. Our dedicated in country management team remain fully engaged with our clients throughout the duration of contract or task thus ensuring customer requirements are satisfied.

We provide our clients a tailored personal communication model that best suits them. This open communication not only facilitates any requirement changes to be implemented in a timely manner but also allows for any immediate concerns to be addressed.

Governance & Compliance

High Standards

Tutaré Group standards are based upon integrity, transparency and respect whilst ensuring that good governance and best practice underpin all the Company’s business activities. We take pride in the high standards and quality of support that we provide and operate under a processed Quality Management system which conforms to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our management system in addition conforms to ISO31000:2018 – Risk Management Principles and Guidelines. The process effectively covers all areas of operations and are facilitated by a robust and diligent auditing, checking and management review process.

Policy Documents

For further information click below to view Tutaré’s company Policy documents:
Tutaré also complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information is available in our Privacy Policy.

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