Republic of Mali

Our approach to working in Mali is based on the principles of adopting a flexible approach, that is discreet, and avoidance based.

We meet our clients’ need for reliable and responsible services delivered in an ethical manner. Our goal is to support our clients in order to promote the building of a secure and prosperous Mali.

  • Tutaré Risk Management Directors have had a long-standing relationship with programs in Mali and fully understand the complexities on international relationships in country as a security provider. We maintain robust internal processes and strong partnering agreements that allow us to operate effectively throughout the country.
  • We support organisations who are looking for a partner as opposed to just a service provider, a partner that has the experience, capabilities, certifications, HSSE support, human resource depth, and financial stability allowing for the effective provision of services under the supervision and training of their personnel.

Our Risk Management approach which will span our corporate level and in-country strategic support as well as the proposed dedicated manpower and equipment necessary to support this project. Our operating model emphasizes the use of a low-profile security posture throughout our operations while at the same time preserving the integrity of safety measures for mission staff through thoroughly trained personnel, sound leadership, a proactive and Intelligence led approach to operations directly supported by our British Operations Management team allowing a close management oversight and response which we believe set us apart from our competitors.

One of our greatest strengths in support of our clients is that we continue to evolve alongside the changing political and geospatial landscape of Mali while maintaining a significant corporate international oversight.

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