Our compliance sector brings together a unique set of skills, qualifications and experience to enhance resilience in client businesses, manage security risks utilising an advanced and effective approach, and assist companies to gain industry recognition and competitive advantage. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to risk, resilience and operational excellence, driven by a team that are pioneers in a relatively new age of security professionals merging internationally gained operational experience with advanced degree level academics and corporate experience at strategic level. Living its core values of Honesty, Integrity, Innovation and Expertise, the business sets itself apart from industry norms and delivers a technically superior, more comprehensive and more strategically aligned service to commercial and corporate clients.

Key Services

Business Resilience

Through a detailed yet user friendly system of policy, plans, procedures, training and exercise, we ensure that businesses develop the ability to anticipate, respond to and recover from incidents of all types and complexities.

In an information led and risk-based approach, it starts with the creation of a risk assessment, analysis and management system that drives accurate anticipation of risk and disruption, and analysis of impacts at functional and organisational levels.

Detailed, targeted and user-friendly plans for incident response ensure that all levels of the organisation react in a rapid and commensurate fashion, with synchronised processes for communication and decision making.

Business continuity plans and procedures ensure mobilisation of resources, systems and critical infrastructure needed to recover based on functional and strategic criticality.

Internal and external communications plans protect reputation and control the flow of sensitive information internally and externally throughout the whole process, as well as ensuring availability of critical information to key stakeholders.

Integrated Management Systems

Statutory and regulatory requirements, regional requirements contrast, international standards and industry frameworks, customer specifications. In todays globalised and integrated world we often find ourselves in situations where a multitude of complex requirements need to be integrated into a single, all-encompassing integrated management system.

We have a depth of experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated management systems that comply with multiple international standards comprehensively, including ISO’s 9001, 14001, 45001, 22301, 31000, 27001, 18788 and security industry standard PSC.1. Our vast experience is at implementer and auditor levels and proven within multi-national organisations totalling more than 65,000 staff members.

We will work with your organisation to create and embed a synchronised and practical integrated management system that maximises individual and cross-functional best practice, streamlines information flow and decision-making processes, manages risk and identifies opportunity, finds efficiency in processes and resources and ultimately, grows your market share and bottom line profits.

Due Diligence

The business requirement for due diligence comes from many angles. Whether you’re a considering buying, merging, outsourcing to or even selling to another business, the risks must be effectively managed prior to and often throughout engagement.

Our Due Diligence Auditors and Investigators can provide an analysis of company performance, target and objective feasibility, internal and external context, and effectiveness in management of risk and identification and realisation opportunity, amongst a wrath of other information. This information is presented to our clients in a comprehensive yet user-friendly format, informing decision making and managing risk to reputation, liability and business continuity.

Audit Services

Our Lead Auditors and Audit Teams have gained extensive experience internationally, auditing against the requirements of multiple international standards as well as conducting internal audits against the requirements of internal Business Management Systems. Our Auditors also regularly conduct third-party audits against suppliers on behalf of clients. Our methods are tried, tested and perfected across multiple organisations and industries and where practical, follow the ISO 19011:2018 methodology.

Supplier Audits

Supplier audits can divert valuable resources away from the business, or even require the hire of additional, specialist resources. Additionally, suppliers may be based within complex environments outside of the risk appetite of the business for employee travel.

Our Auditors conduct supplier audits on our client’s behalf, giving assurance that suppliers are operating to client company policy, procedures and specifications. This enhances supply chain risk management, business continuity and product quality. Our Auditors have experience of conducting supplier audits in both full and part systems context, within a multitude of industries including telecommunications infrastructure, security, logistics, government services, oil & gas, hospitality and events, both within the UK and on a truly global basis.

Management Systems Audit

We can conduct audits on behalf of our clients, minimising the need for internal resource use and providing an honest, transparent and impartial assessment of the business’s compliance to international standards and its own business management systems. We regularly conduct audits against the requirements of ISO’s 9001, 14001, 45001, 31000, 22301, 27001, 18788 and security industry standard PSC.1.


We develop and execute bespoke crisis management and business continuity simulation exercises for client organisations, both as part of our integrated management systems and as a standalone service. This gives our clients the confidence that theirsystems will perform as intended during times of crisis, offering assurance to senior management, insurers, department heads and customers. It is essential that crisis management plans are tested in a realistic and challenging environment, proving their effectiveness in managing disruption and enhancing recovery.


Working from HABC Accredited Centres in the UK and abroad, we offer international recognised and certified training to client organisations and individuals in the subjects of security, health & safety, first aid and auditing & inspection, as well as bespoke training packages such as Hostile Environment Awareness Training. We will also provide clients with tailored internal training packages in all disciplines of business resilience, particularly crisis management and business continuity.

Our corporate crisis management training packaging’s not only get your staff considering risk and disruption on a broad level, but also get them accustomed to working together in a cross-functional capacity to manage crisis and incidents.

Security Risk Management

We design, implement and where required execute, bespoke security risk management systems that are objective focused and find the most effective balance between operational and business requirements, environmental, and statutory, regulatory and budgetary constraints.

The information-led and risk-based approach is embedded within everything that we do. We will create a system to identify, analyse and manage risk at the local, regional or international level. The assessment of risk and opportunity against project objectives will drive the process of creating a multi-layered system of security risk management encompassing overarching policy, function specific and cross-functional plans, and operating procedures.

The result is an effective system for security risk management that is comprehensive in dealing with complex and multifaceted threats and risks, yet synchronised, fluid and user friendly in operational practicality.

Our approach to and systems for security risk management have been tried and tested within a multitude of environments, from high profile UHNW private security to security projects embedded within many of the world’s most complex and hostile environments.
Our cross-sector and varied specialist knowledge and experience means that we are accustomed to the design of integrated systems, tailored to suit both internal and external context of any organisation and operational environment.

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