Republic of Niger

Tutaré Risk Management is incorporated in Niger to specialize in supportinginternational business back into the regional business sector.

As a fully licenced and registered company, we deliver an up-market security service to government, humanitarian organizations, embassies, financial institutions and commercial companies and provide security risk management, transportation and ‘on the ground’ operational support services. Tutaré Risk Management is an established and fully licensed company with a permanent presence in Niger. Tutaré has grown rapidly in size and have a proven track record and success in Juba South Sudan and extending into Niger. Our focus has remained on providing effective and robust security services to humanitarian organisations, embassies, financial institutions among other client sectors. Through our international partnerships we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading security solutions and customer service. Despite our recent expansion we maintain our standards throughout, providing a bespoke and individually tailored service to meet our client’s needs. Our dedicated management team maintained are present to support our clients where necessary, country-wide. This level of commitment minimised any time delay between request and delivery.
bespoke security solutions

Client Sectors We Serve

service diplomatic


service oil and gas

Oil & Gas

service financial


service development


service infrastructure


service logistics



  • Pre-deployment risk assessments
  • Information Management Services (Situational updates)
  • Country arrival and airport services in Niamey and Agadez
  • Turnkey accommodation (compound) solutions for international clients
  • Low profile executive protection vehicle teams
  • Satellite & GSM tracking
  • Experienced risk management consultants embedded within international companies throughout the region
  • NGO security consultancy and 24/7 emergency and crisis response service
  • Remote area risk management surveys
  • Country wide evacuation, medical response, crisis management, planning and support
  • Mixed International and Niger National security teams
  • In-depth country arrival briefings which include both the current political and security situation
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Bespoke medical, driving & static guard training courses for local national staff



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