Tutaré Group Services will ensure our clients are provided with real-time threat reporting and intelligence updates.

We employ an international Risk Analysis Manager to manage the large area of our operations including database intelligence sources throughout the region.
A key aspect of a successful security solution is the ability to incorporate real-time knowledge of threats and regional trends into all aspects of service delivery. Our guiding principle is that of information-led security. Using local knowledge and in-country relationships, we provide pro-active and threat-based security support for our clients. We protect, facilitate, and advise our clients constantly, adding value by monitoring threats daily and adapting security configurations accordingly.
Our organisation has a proven track record of monitoring, processing and reporting information in a manner that provides security managers and decision makers with the information required to make timely and informed decisions, thereby ensuring the smooth running of commercial and operational activities.
We offer a comprehensive security consultation to all of our clients, which will review current practises and policies. Through our own threat assessment, we can recommend changes and solutions which will identify the current threat trends and concerns which allow practical mitigation measures to be recommended.
Tutaré Group Services will initially engage with clients on deployment and an entry level report is undertaken to ensure the current threat situation is briefed, the background to these threats and possible future trends are identified. These reports are always focused exclusively on the client and their specific areas of operation together with any subcontractors or assets.

Risk Assessments

Tutaré can provide detailed risk assessment and planning tools that can be tailored to meet the security requirements of any organization. We provide thorough risk assessments to identify physical and operational vulnerabilities, and then develop integrated security programs with detailed contingency plans.
Whether your organization functions in a single, multi-story environment or operates facilities in locations scattered around the world, Tutaré will develop a comprehensive risk assessment, safety and security plan aimed at protecting and creating value for your business and protecting your staff.

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