Embedded Security Managers

As part of our global reach, a key part of our consulting services offer is providing clients with Embedded Security Advisors (ESAs).

ESAs are subject-matter experts in their respective geographic areas of operation and the industry sectors they support. Candidates are handpicked, based on strong personal references and previous experience of working with Tutaré Risk Management. The ESAs work within a client organization with support, where required, from Tutaré management teams to provide a bespoke yet turnkey security solutions. Their focus ranges from analysing security requirements and the broader company goals to working closely with project teams to identify potential threats and opportunities. They also ensure that there is a seamless transition through the planning phases to the delivery of security services.
Our subject matter experts can also include Medical, HSSE, investigators and Training qualities and in some cases a combination.
Fully embedded ESAs report directly to your management team as a member of your company structure. The ESA will enjoy the full reach-back of all Tutaré operational capabilities. Our advisors are suited to large multi-national blue-chip organisations or smaller NGO’s on a restricted or reduced budget that employ our staff part time. Our ESA will truly be one of your staff but benefits from links with Tutaré and our company contacts and experience.
operational on-call 24/7

Scope of Work

The ESA will implement and overseeyour country security plan advising on all current policies. The ESA being operational on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week; can provide the focal point for security for all management, local and corporate, as well as staff. Their scope of work will include, but not be limited to:
  • Act as the primary point of contact for all security related matters throughout the duration of the contract working closely with the in country and Corporate team.
  • Act as principal advisor to management on all aspects of security and wider project risk management; and provide specialist input at a strategic level on the security aspect of any new developments to operations.
  • Continually review country and local threat assessments, identifying specific threats to the operations and assessing the likelihood of them materializing and potential impact on operations. Gather and collate information from multiple sources – including the Supplier’s regional analysts – about events taking place in the region, country and outside the immediate area which may affect future projects or existing work programmes.
  • Integrate with the existing local network of Supplier assets to establish an information network which will provide timely information or confirmation of forthcoming events or recent incidents.
  • Maintain and rehearse contingency plans, including both political and medical evacuation plans, ensuring implementation at country level is effectively coordinated with regional planning. If requested, provide interim coordination and management of any incident reaction on the ground and take the lead, as the subject matter expert, on any required liaison.
  • Meet regularly with project team for project reviews, addresses any actual or potential problems, assists in preparation of site visits planning, and supports security planning, assessments and surveys.
  • Monitor political and security situations and ensure appropriate security measures are in place and are being followed. Cooperate closely with the site teams to ensure that SOP's, Contingency Plans and Security Plans are up to date and relevant.
  • Liaison with other security personnel of other multinational companies, embassies, USAID and other security companies.
  • Maintain a positive, professional environment in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures; ensures that staff members understand and comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Direct development of effective strategies to mitigate risk, maintain continuity of operations and safe security officer the company, its people and operations.

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