Every service Tutaré provides is tailored to address the specific risks facing our clients.

Unlike our competitors, our staff are standing next to you when decisions are made. When combined with our cost-effective pricing and quality of delivery, Tutaré represents a truly unique capability unmatched by any other.
What we offer

Our Unmatched Capabilities

Risk Management Consultants

Our consultants utilize a proven methodology to conduct our risk analysis and assessments. This methodology provides a comprehensive security environment knowledge base and security awareness for our clients and employees alike. This knowledge can then be used to support a project, period of change or to address a specific security requirement. Our security management team will ensure they provide security plans and solutions that will identify, mitigate and manage perceived and real threats.

Static Security

We invest time in qualified, fully trained personnel for man guarding of facilities using a combination of assets Including, personnel, patrol teams and technical support to ensure perimeter security, access control, personnel accountability, incident reaction and management and other related security functions in direct support to the customer’s requirements.

Crisis Management

Whether a natural disaster or human initiated incident we maintain an immediate response for our clients. Combining service and support to effectively manage crisis situations. This includes, but is not limited to, personnel accountability, through personal tracking devices, medical support, secure lock down (hibernation) measures, relocation and or evacuation. Tutaré are experienced in conducting full-scale evacuations of staff in extreme circumstances. Over the past few years, Tutaré has successfully and safely evacuated client staff and equipment from the recent crisis in Juba. These steps followed and helped to refine our emergency evacuation SOPs. Tutaré can efficiently and continuously protect your staff, even in the worst of circumstances. The Tutaré Emergency Evacuation Plans are designed to respond to all emergency situations.

Mobile Security

Tutaré can provide secure ground transportation solutions for personnel or assets utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and technology which enables all moves to be tracked and monitored. All drivers attend a rigorous training package to ensure they are fully prepared to conduct mobile operations in a safe and secure manner ensuring our clients receive a reliable, dedicated and secure service. Tutaré are able to provide safe secure airport pick-up, transfer and movement in moderate, high and extreme risk environments. Tutaré Risk Management maintains the capability to support short term security support and solutions. Whether that be for specific events or short country visits for meetings or assessments.

Life Support

We provide secure accommodation. We have a number of secure compounds which have been selected for their existing physical security measures (secure access and substantial secure perimeter), we then place our own security measures (man guards, security lighting, alarm system and CCTV if requested). Where requested we have the capability to embed an international security manager to advise, assist and react to any security situation.

Close protection

Tutaré offer fully trained Close Protection Officers (CPO) that offer our clients a bespoke approach consisting of experienced CPO’s or security teams capable of operating in any threat environment to safely accompany the client(s) to and from their places of business. This service includes journey management, event or venue risk assessment and contingency planning.


Tutaré offers a wide range of tracking services to clients. At the most inexpensive end of the spectrum we offer solutions that use a GSM phone-based app to track and monitor individuals to separate units that can track personal and vehicles country wide. Overseen by our 24/7 operations room this allows our clients the knowledge and reassurance they are being tracked and monitored and contingency plans are in place for recovery if an emergency arises.

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